If you’re looking at how to increase your number of endorsement deals, here is advice from a veteran morning show host:

Send your sales manager a list of things you need (or want) even if you’re into something the station isn’t advertising yet (like a meal prep service).

Don’t read copy points; create a new, sincere spot each time. Listeners can tell the difference and the clients love it. It keeps them coming back. 

Some examples of a list you might give them:

  • Car dealer (what type of car — hybrid/SUV/sports)
  • Interior: Indoor furniture/blinds/window treatments/mattress
  • Personal care: Salon/gym/weight loss/skincare/Lasik eye surgery
  • Luxury: Ski resort / Jewelry store / Linens
  • Local attractions: Museums/Amusement parks/Zoo
  • Lifestyle: Grocery stores/Banks/apps like Cash App or Hello Fresh
  • Your passion charities. [Some local charities buy advertising. Waive your talent fee (they may pay you anyway; donate that back to the charity for goodwill.]

And if possible, Be picky about what you endorse. Your commercials will sound more authentic and believable if you are connected to the product.