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    • Dissatisfied with your morning show’s ratings?
    • Unclear about how to move the needle?
  • Overwhelmed by the demands on your time?

I can help. With 30 years of major market radio programming experience, I work with teams in all stages of development, in all formats and market sizes. Let’s talk!

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I reached out to Angela because I just wanted to get her opinion at first.  She suggested a two hour boot camp to start because everyone was “luke warm” to the idea of a consultant coming in and telling them what to do.  The boot camps with both Carson Daly’s team and with Kevin & Bean’s team were big hits.  Angela was so disarming, relaxed and confident that I immediately saw the body language of the team change. They were engaged and we started working on character, roles, benchmarks, positioning, relevant topics, etc.  Everyone came away from that first meeting seeing Angela as a key contributor to their success and we signed her up for an annual contract.

Angela continued to provide us with valuable coaching, either through phone calls, bi-weekly emails and in person visits.  She was able to help us get through some heavy issues but the end result is we have a better show.  She is still working with this show in Los Angeles today and I am in the process of trying to hire her here in Las Vegas.  She makes a difference!

Dan Kearney, then GM/CBS Radio Los Angeles; now Entercom Communications/ Las Vegas

I engaged Angela to help me evaluate if I had the right talent mix. She later worked with the team successfully to define the roles of our morning show. Eventually that 3 person morning show became one. Here is where Angela really shined she help the host use his audience as a co host. As a Market Manager I appreciated her monthly notes on the progress and tasks and was always available by phone when needed. Angela has the great ability to make talent be better!  

Angelica Balderas, SVP/GM Entravision/Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto


    • Neglected and needing feedback?
    • Anxious about your performance
    • Creatively stuck or stifled?
  • A strong desire to do better?

Together we’ll find your voice, develop your talent and navigate your path. Let’s get started!

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My first experience with Angela was as our morning show talent coach, and the amount of kind-but-wise guidance she imparted at that time was SO needed. Prior to working with her, our show was basically an imitation of radio shows that we had looked up to. Angela really helped develop us into a cohesive team with our own unique voice. Her style of coaching was gentle but firm and always helped us realize what we needed to do as if we came up with it. This transitioned into a friendship, and I have been lucky enough to work with Angela on a personal level as well through her life coaching.

She had the unique perspective of listening to me from a character standpoint on the radio and could tell where my strengths and weaknesses were, which I was able to explore and learn about with her individually. Her work with the show was fantastic, but her work with me and my life goals and personal issues was life-changing. I should mention that as I learned more about myself and what makes me tick, my performance on the air got better as well and I think I became a better teammate. Angela really provides a full circle experience!

Holly O’Connor, Radio Personality, Hot 101.5/Tampa

Working with Angela was one of the best things that has happened to me in my career. Prior to her direction, I didn’t really understand who I was as a talent, or the power that I possess to make an impact with listeners, community, and ratings. She helped me discover who I am, and that ultimately transformed me into a better on-air jock/personality, for the workplace & for our listener-ship. Her attention to detail is the difference between being good, and becoming great. I highly recommend Angela as a coach or consultant!

Sugabear, Hot 103.5/Sacramento

Hi, I’m Angela.

Angela doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach to get people motivated. She found out what excites me and how I would feel if I were to pursue my dream and complete it. I’ll never forget the moment when it all clicked. Angela’s coaching made me finish a book I’d been writing and had lost my passion for. Thanks to Angela, my book was completed and was successful well beyond my expectations.

Dave Ryan
Before working with Angela, I was in a rut- feeling stale with my professional goals, having personality conflicts with my husband and an employee, and struggling to find a work-life balance that worked for me and my family. But after our time together, I identified and solved a few pain points in my life. I went to grad school, learned how to manage personality conflicts and set boundaries, eliminated mom guilt, and even redecorated a room in my house.
As a result, I now have an MBA (a big personal life goal achieved!), have improved dramatically as a leader, and am much happier in my marriage.
I would absolutely recommend Angela Perelli. Even if you’re the person everyone else thinks “has it together,” you’d be surprised how much coaching can improve your life. Several years later, I reflect on my coaching with Angela Perelli as a life-changing experience.
Working with Angela doesn’t just help with what happens between 6am and 10am on your show, but what happens in the other hours of your life. I’ve had personal and professional crisis that Angela was able to help guide me through.”